Before you book

What information do I need in order to book?

  1. We need you first and last name in order to make a label for the driver that will be waiting for you at the airport.
  2. A mobile phone number including your, country code, in order to reach you if something goes wrong.
  3. Your email to send you your reservation form
  4. It is very important to provide us with your flight number. That way your driver will be always on time at the airport no matter if the flight has delayed or landed 30 minutes earlier.

How do I make a booking on your website?

Booking system

Our secure booking system is very easy to use.

The quickest way is to place mouse cursor over “destinations” section on the top menu. Then select from the submenu the airport that matches your flight. After you choose the airport you will see our price list next to every available destination. Click on the price section of the destination that you are interested. Choose the desirable date and time and thenĀ  the available transportation method that you prefer. Complete filling the form with your info.